Research Group Neuroplasticity

The main topics of our research group are cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity in the healthy brain, but also disorders of synaptic functions in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases - so-called synaptopathies. We investigate the molecular dynamics of post-synapses, the decoding of neuronal calcium signals by calcium sensor proteins, the communication of synapses with the cell nucleus and how synaptic control of gene expression affects the plastic properties of synapses.

  • Head


    Michael Kreutz studied psychology, philosophy and linguistics at the University of Münster, Germany and then performed his PhD studies in Behavioral Neurosciences at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany. Subsequently he became a research fellow at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, USA. From 1990 to 1993 he was staff scientist in the Department of Molecular Neuroendocrinology at the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine in Göttingen, Germany.

    In 1993 he moved to Magdeburg and he is currently head of the Neuroplasticity research group (NPlast) at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology.

    Since October 2015 he has a second affiliation at the Center for Molecular Neurobiology (ZMNH) in Hamburg where he is heading the Leibniz Group 'Dendritic Organelles and Synaptic Function'.


  • Members


    Dr. Michael
    Dr. Mohamed-Raafet
    Dr. Camilla
    Dr. Katarzyna Grochowska  
    Dr. Anna
    Dr. Ulrike
    Dr. Jeffrey Lopez
    Dr. Guilherme Monteiro Gomes
    Dr. Rajeev
    Dr. Irene Reyes Resina
    Dr. PingAn Yuan
    PhD students  
    Maximilian Borgmeyer  
    Michael Bucher  
    Vservolod Cherepashkin
    Eleónóra Cuboni
    Marie Oulé
    Marit Sperveslage  
    Judith Wolf
    Technical staff members  
    Dr. Maria Andres-Alonso  
    Dr. Julia Bär  
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Behnisch  
    Dr. Marina Mikhaylova  


  • Projects


    Research in NPlast is concerned with fundamental questions on how synapses communicate with the nucleus, how gene activity-dependent gene expression feeds back to synaptic function and how this is related to the formation of a cellular engram and last but not least how the nanoscale organization of the synapse determines functional properties in the context of learning and memory.

    We use a multi-disciplinary approach with studies ranging from single molecules to in vivo animal experimentation. We also address translational aspects where we try to understand whether the processes that we investigate might be relevant for disease.


    Project: ProCognito

    The ProCognito project aims to develop new approaches based on plant-derived active substances that help to maintain cognitive performance in old age. In the long term, these plant-based active compounds might help older people to lead healthy and self-determined lives, both preventively and therapeutically.

    ProCognito is part of the interdisciplinary research network "Autonomy in old age" and is realized in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) Halle. Dr. Michael Kreutz is the project leader at the Leibniz Institute of Neurobiology (LIN).

    The research project focuses on the aging synapse as the nucleation point of the decline in cognitive performance. The molecular dynamics of synapses plays a crucial role not only in normal aging, but also in the early stages of the development of Alzheimer's dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. Of particular relevance are findings showing that synaptic communication processes are disturbed in normal age by inflammatory diseases and factors involved in the metabolic syndrome.

    In addition, the Leibniz E-Center is to be expanded in order to introduce innovative approaches to e-research and to link the research infrastructure of the participating institutes. For this purpose, the data obtained will be entered into the digitized active compound database of the IPB. The data can thus also be used for future applications.


    More information are available here:

  • Current Third Party Funds

    Current Third Party Funds


    DFG SFB 779 TP B8

    DFG FOR 2419: Plasticity versus Stability - Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Strength

    DFG RTG 2413 'SynAge'

    DFG Kr1879 6-1

    BMBF ENERGI 01GQ1421

    LSA Exzellenzinitiave AiA Metabolisches Syndrom

    LSA Exzellenzinitiave AiA ProCognito

    Leibniz SAW Synaptoneurolipidomics

    Leibniz SAW Neurotranslation

    Leibniz SAW SyMetAge


  • Publications



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