Special Lab Electron- and Laserscanning Microscopy

In modern neuroscience, imaging techniques at different scales play a central role in the elucidation of structure-function relationships. At the same time, high-resolution imaging is a rapidly evolving research field for the development of new technologies.

Therefore, the delivery of high-resolution microscopy infrastructure and imaging software to LIN's scientific departments and research groups, including consulting, training and service, is one of the key tasks of the Special Lab ELMI. In 2016/17 our infrastructure comprised among others: Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes, Lightsheet Microscopes, STED, FLIM and a Transmission Electron Microscope.

In addition, the Special Lab ELMI carries out its own research projects on functional neuromorphology like the analysis of dynamic processes in pre- and postsynaptic structures and conducts methodological developments of high-resolution imaging procedures.

Based on the idea that imaging on different scales may bridge research between groups of LIN and, thus, plays a pivotal role for the implementation of the institute concept, the establishment of an overall CNI core facility was actively supported by the Special Labs NIB and ELMI.

  • Head


    Werner Zuschratter has been head of the special lab since 1992 and is also one of the coordinators of CoreFacility NeuroImaging (CNI).

    Our research interests focus on the analysis of structure-function relationships and the dynamics of biochemical, molecular biological and cell biological processes, especially in neurons and their synapses. In addition, we are researching the development of new technologies for functional imaging.

  • Members


    Dr. Werner Zuschratter+49-391-6263-92441werner.zuschratter@lin-magdeburg.de
    Scientific staff members  
    Dr. Heide Faber-Zuschratter+49-391-6263-92391heidi.faber-zuschratter@lin-magdeburg.de
    Oliver Kobler+49-391-6263-93221oliver.kobler@lin-magdeburg.de
    Torsten Stöter (CNI)+49-391-6263-92171torsten.stoeter@lin-magdeburg.de
    André Weber+49-391-6263-92391andre.weber@lin-magdeburg.de
    Technical staff member  
    Sybille Tschorn+49-391-6263-93141sybille.tschorn@lin-magdeburg.de
    Dr. Yuri Prokazov  
    Evgeny Turbin  


  • Projects


    Our mission is to offer its users a collection of state-of-the-art light and electron microscopy equipment and accessory services. In general, the activities of SL ELMI can be divided into three main parts:

    • advanced fluorescence microscopy/spectroscopy,
    • correlated light and transmission electron microscopy
    • 3D image processing and analysis.


    The light microscopy equipment includes Wide-field Fluorescence (WF) and Confocal Laserscanning Microscopes (CLSM) to image both living and fixed samples. In addition, the facility provides Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRF), Lightsheet Microscopy (LS) and instrumentation for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) based on Time-Correlated-Single-Photon-Counting (TCSPC), which directly examines protein complexes and molecular interactions via Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET). For high-resolution fluorescence imaging below the diffraction limit of visible light SL ELMI runs two STED-microscopes, which allow to explore colocalisations of macromolecular complexes in neurons and synapses.

    As a unique technology, we have ultra-sensitive time-resolved wide field detectors for FLIM and FRET measurements developed within the framework of the BMBF-funded collaborative project TCam4Life. These camera systems have been marketed since 2018 by the BMWI-funded start-up Photonscore GmbH under the name "LINCam".

  • Methods


    • Confocal laserscanning microscopy
    • Electronmicroscopy
    • Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy & spectroscopy (FLIM)
    • Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
    • Histochemistry & Immunocytochemistry
    • Lightsheet Microscopy
    • Live Cell Imaging
    • Metabolic Imaging (NADH)
    • Metal Induced Energy Transfer (MIET)
    • Time correlated single Photon counting (TCSPC)
    • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRF)


  • Current Third Party Funds

    Current Third Party Funds

    CRC 854: Molecular organisation of cellular communication within the immune system
    TP Z01

    DFG Core Facility



  • Publications



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  • Teaching


    We are involved in the education of students of the master's program "Integrative Neuroscience".

    Members of our lab teach MicroImaging and offer the following internship opportunities:

    • MicroImaging (Lecture)
    • MicroImaging (Practical Course)

    In addition, we conduct workshops on image analysis and, in cooperation with the Neuroscientific Society (NWG), hold annual courses on the functional organization of synapses within the framework of the CNI CoreFacility.

  • Awards


    • 2013: 1st place at the Hugo-Junkers-Award for Research and Innovation, Category: Basic Research (Saxony-Anhalt)
    • 2014: Cluster Award Life Sciences IQ Mitteldeutschland
    • 2017: 1st place at the Hugo-Junkers-Award for Research and Innovation, Category: Applied Research (Saxony-Anhalt)
    • 2019: Nomination for the German Innovation Award (Deutscher Innovationspreis)


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