LIN Staff

Prof. Dr. Eike Budinger

Head of Working Group

Combinatorial NeuroImaging

Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 6263 95421
ORCID: 0000-0003-2420-8159

  • Research interests

    Research interests

    biomedical sciences, neuroscience, functional anatomy, auditory system, multisensory integration, deep brain stimulation, hemispheric interactions, stress resilience, development, sensory deprivation, small-animal magnetic resonance imaging, anatomical and functional connectivity, brain clearing, light-sheet microscopy

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  • Curriculum vitae

    Curriculum vitae

    1990-1995: Study of biology at the Humboldt University Berlin; major subjects: zoology, behavioral sciences, and microbiology

    1995: Diploma at the Department of Behavioral Physiology, Institute of Biology, Humboldt University Berlin. Thesis: “Electrophysiological investigations on the processing of spatial acoustic cues in the central nervous system of grasshoppers”. Mentor: Prof. Bernhard Ronacher

    1995-1999: Ph.D. student at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg (LIN), Center for Learning and Memory Research; Dept. Auditory Learning and Speech

    2000: Dissertation (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. Thesis: “Functional organization of the auditory cortex in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus). Anatomical areas, corticocortical connections and connections with anatomically characterized subcortical structures”. Mentor: Prof. Henning Scheich

    Since 1999: Scientific fellow (with varying positions) at the LIN, Depts. Auditory Learning and Speech and Systems Physiology of Learning

    2003-2014: Collaborating scientist at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Clinic for Neurology

    2005-2017: Principal investigator of the project “Functional anatomy and plasticity of the auditory cortex” at the LIN

    2015: Habilitation (PD Dr. rer. nat. habil.) at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. Thesis: “Anatomy of auditory cortex connections suitable for the processing of multisensory information and for the consolidation of memory". Venia legendi in neurobiology and zoology

    Since 2017: Head of the group “Functional Neuroanatomy & Small-animal MRI” Laboratory

    2021: Title adjunct professor (apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.) at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

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  • Publications


    Saldeitis K, Jeschke M, Michalek A, Henschke JU, Wetzel W, Ohl FW, Budinger E. 2022. Selective interruption of auditory interhemispheric crosstalk impairs discrimination learning of frequency-modulated tone direction but not gap detection and discrimination. Journal of Neuroscience. 42(10):2025-2038.

    Saldeitis K, Jeschke M, Budinger E, Ohl FW, Happel MFK. 2021. Laser-Induced Apoptosis of Corticothalamic Neurons in Layer VI of Auditory Cortex Impact on Cortical Frequency Processing. Frontiers in neural circuits. 15:Article 659280.

    El-Tabbal M, Niekisch H, Henschke JU, Budinger E, Frischknecht R, Deliano M, Happel MFK. 2021. The extracellular matrix regulates cortical layer dynamics and cross-columnar frequency integration in the auditory cortex. Communications biology. 4(1):Article 322.

    Heimrath K, Brechmann A, Blobel-Lüer R, Stadler J, Budinger E, Zaehle T. 2020. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the auditory cortex modulates GABA and glutamate: a 7 T MR-spectroscopy study. Scientific Reports. 10(1):Article 20111.

    Saldeitis K, Richter K, Fischer K-D, Ohl FW, Mateos JM, Budinger E. 2019. Ultrastructure of giant thalamic terminals in the auditory cortex. European Journal of Neuroscience. 50(9):3445-3453.

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    Macharadze T, Budinger E, Brosch M, Scheich H, Ohl FW, Henschke JU. 2019. Early Sensory Loss Alters the Dendritic Branching and Spine Density of Supragranular Pyramidal Neurons in Rodent Primary Sensory Cortices. Frontiers in neural circuits. 13:Article 61.

    Lützkendorf R, Heidemann RM, Feiweier T, Luchtmann M, Baecke S, Kaufmann J, Stadler J, Budinger E, Bernarding J. 2018. Mapping fine-scale anatomy of gray matter, white matter, and trigeminal-root region applying spherical deconvolution to high-resolution 7-T diffusion MRI. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology, and Medicine. 31(6):701-713.

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    Henschke JU, Oelschlegel AM, Angenstein F, Ohl FW, Goldschmidt J, Kanold PO, Budinger E. 2018. Early sensory experience influences the development of multisensory thalamocortical and intracortical connections of primary sensory cortices. Brain Structure and Function. 223(3):1165-1190.

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  • Third party funds

    Third party funds

    2022 - 2024 (WGL)
    Learning Resilience: Supporting neuronal network state transitions to foster stress resilience, Arbeitspaket 2 (self-balancing of cortical network states in stress recilience) und 3 (Brain-wide network state changes in cognitive flexibility behavioral fMRI)

    2020 - 2024 (DFG)
    SFB 1436 TP B06: Mobilisierung neuronaler Ressourcen für zeitliche Aufmerksamkeit

    2020 - 2022 (LSA)
    "Non-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation for Motor Disorder (NeeMo)"

    2016 - 2018 (LSA)
    Ansiedlung eines 9,4 Tesla-Kleintier-MRT (Beschaffung, Einbau und Inbetriebnahme)

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