MRT Bild eines menschlichen Gehirns

"Cognitive Vitality - A Healthy Mind in Every Body" is one of three draft proposals with which the OVGU is participating in the new round of the Excellence Initiative. The LIN is an important partner in this project for research into brain health.

The research initiative deals with cognitive vitality as the ability to mobilise and use the full potential of the brain in daily life. Crucial here are the neurocognitive circuits in the brain, their susceptibility to negative influences, such as other diseases in the body or environmental influences, and their ability to recover from them. The initiative aims to use new technologies to develop treatment and prevention methods as well as digital solutions to maintain and improve brain health in order to contribute to a better quality of life, self-fulfilment and the preservation of independence in old age.

The project outlines were submitted to the German Research Foundation (DFG). They will be evaluated by the end of January 2024 and, if the vote is positive, will be allowed to submit a funding application by August 2024. The final funding decision is to be made in May 2025, before the cluster funding then starts at the beginning of 2026 for an initial period of seven years.


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