Good scientific practice

Good Scientific Practice (GSP) is essential for public confidence in research evidence and researchers. It protects the reputation and careers of researchers, promotes scientific and economic advancement, and prevents waste of resources and unnecessary adverse impacts on patients and the public.

Guidelines for GSP have been published, for example, by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) or the Leibniz Association. The LIN has also imposed rules of Good Scientific Practice on itself.

PD Dr. Reinhard König & Dr. Christina Spilker are the elected ombudspeople of LIN.

In addition, Pof. Dr. Stefan Treue acts as the external ombudsman of the LIN.


External clarification centre for conflict counselling and prevention of the Leibniz Association

The Presidential Board of the Leibniz Association has decided to set up an external office for conflict counselling and prevention. In future, it will offer all employees in the Leibniz Association the opportunity of an initial consultation for the prevention, orientation and channelling of conflicts outside the immediate area of scientific misconduct. This is intended to contribute to an efficient and rapid procedure in existing or emerging conflicts and at the same time help to avoid unfounded damage to the reputation of all persons and institutions involved.

You will find all further information and the contact details of the office at


Dr. Christina Spilker
Tel.: +49 391 6263 92081


PD Dr. Reinhard König
+49 391 6263 92131

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