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Brain research is a fascinating science, spanning from health and education policy, to the great philosophical questions about the individuality of human thought and the perceptibility of the world, its significance extends far beyond its own subject area.

Hence the public is very interested in getting to know the work of LIN and experiencing the fascination of brain research live. Our colleagues are happy to rise to this task, as work with school classes, teaching staff, associations and the interested citizens of our town enriches our work, expanding the horizons of the laboratory.

The LIN attaches great importance to the widest possible range of public relations activities. Every year, for example, hundreds of visitors visit LIN for the “Long Night of the Sciences”, where they look over the researchers’ shoulders, discuss brain research and even experiment a little themselves.

Would you like to find out more? Here you’ll find our news, press releases, social media posts and printed materials. You can take a look at our press review and delve into the expert service for topics we can provide particularly expert information on.

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Media & Public Relations

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