Department Systems Physiology of Learning

In the Department Systems Physiology of Learning we investigate the neuronal mechanisms of the brain that underlie the phenomena of learning and memory formation. Here we focus predominantly on the level of neuronal circuits, both within and between separate brain regions.

Within the last years, we have successfully finalized our projects in the Collaborative Research Centers CRC TRR 31 (Active listening) and CRC TRR 62 (A companion technology for techncial communication systems) as well as our project in the USA-German Collaboration on Computational Neuroscience.



  • Head


    Frank Ohl studied biology at the Technical University of Darmstadt and received his doctorate there. He then moved to LIN and the University of California, Berkeley as a postdoctoral fellow. In 1999, he became head of a working group at LIN. His habilitation took place in 2002. Since 2006 he is professor at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg and since 2011 he heads this Department at LIN.

  • Members


    Prof. Dr. Frank
    Beate Traoré (Department)
    Bianka Gehe (CRC 779)
    Dr. Anne Albrecht  
    PD Dr. Eike
    Dr. Matthias
    Dr. Jürgen
    PD Dr. Max
    Prof. Dr. Peter
    Dr. Anton Ilango  
    Dr. Michael
    Dr. Thomas
    Dr. Andreas Schulz
    Dr. Dr. Kentaroh
    PhD students  
    Lars Torben Boenke
    Technical staff members  
    Anja Gü
    Lydia Lö
    Gabriele Schö
    Andrew Curran  
    Dr. Björn Friedrich  
    Dr. Tamar Macharadze  
    PD Dr. Maike Vollmer  


  • Projects


    The CRC 779 (Neurobiology of motivated behavior), whose coordinator is the director of this department, has started the third funding period after successful evaluation. Here we investigate the interaction of sensory brain regions with those regions that generate "meaning" in the brain.

    Our project in the DFG Priority Program 1665 (Resolving and manipulating neuronal networks in the mammalian brain) has entered into its renewed funding phase. Here we want to go beyond the correlative research strategies established in the neurosciences and investigate causal mechanisms, i.e. support learning performance in the individual by specific manipulation of brain processes.

    In the framework of the EU-funded International Graduate School ABINEP (Analysis, imaging, and modelling of neuronal and inflammatory processes) we investigate the influence of the neurotransmitter dopamine on the communication between sensory and meaning-evaluating brain structures.

    The neuronal mechanisms that underlie the phenomenon of behavioral strategy change are investigated in the new project IAIS (Intention-based anticipatory interactive systems) in collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Computer Science from OVGU.


  • Current Third Party Funds

    Current Third Party Funds

  • Publications



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