animal welfare officer

The main task of the animal welfare representatives is to ensure animal welfare and to mediate between authorities & scientists. The animal welfare representative at LIN must know about all animal experiments and writes a statement to each animal test request. In addition, she has scientific experience, advises the scientists in advance and also discusses possibilities with the government authority.

The animal welfare representative is an advisor for the planning of animal experiments, preparation of applications for animal experiments, execution of animal experiments with regard to animal welfare.

The 3Rs principle is applied here:

  •   Replace - if there are alternatives to the concrete animal experiment, there is a less developed species approach?
  •   Reduce - how many animals are needed to answer a certain question at most AND at least?
  •   Refine - are there better methods / procedures / experimental approaches that are less stressful for the animals?

It is also the everyday starting point, helps with theoretical and practical questions and takes over the local control of the animal experimental work in the institute.

We want to provide information on animal experiments and make the background transparent. We have compiled further information on the subject of understanding animal experiments.

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