Technology transfer

Idea - Transfer - Application

These three keywords describe the classic way of exploiting research results. The application and communication of the knowledge generated in the economy and society by excellent basic research is also a central concern of the Leibniz Association.

Basic research, as it is done at the LIN, is not the activity of individuals, but researchers often work together in groups and networks between universities, research institutions and companies or worldwide research networks. Therefore, intellectual property, e.g. information, data or transgenic animals, are often shared with other persons and institutions. It is in the interest of the LIN and the researchers to protect intellectual property, but not only: the development of medicines and medical devices is very expensive and therefore only protected results and techniques will be usable for developing treatments for diseases of the nervous system (such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson). The protection of our intellectual property is therefore also in the public interest of all.

Our Technology Transfer Officer assists in patent protection and commercial exploitation of intellectual property so that these publicly funded research projects find their way into application.

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