Life at LIN

LIN live is more than just lab work. It is networking, getting together, exchanging experiences and spending good time together. That's why the LIN has a variety of after-work events and activities.


In order to promote scientific exchange, regular LIN retreats are held outside the institute. In poster presentations, lectures and discussions, the researchers bring each other up to date and make plans for new collaborations and joint projects. In addition, there are institute excursions, in which all colleagues, also from the administrative service, participate. A great way to get to know each other across groups.

Networking events

At the LIN, PhD students from all scientific fields elected PhD representatives to ensure their interests in the institute. In 2018, a conference for PhD students of all Leibniz institutes on the subject of "Interdisciplinarity", organized by the Leibniz PhD students themselves, was held for the first time in the LIN.

The postdocs and the technical staff members also meet regularly to exchange ideas.

New year's reception of the Scientific Director

Traditionally at the beginning of a new year, the Scientific Director invites all employees to a reception  ̶  an opportunity to take stock of the past year and to look forward to the most important challenges of the new year, but also to meet again after the Christmas break and talk to the other colleagues.

SimpleNeuro Blog

The project was launched by Marina Zempeltzi and Marcel Brosch and many new faces have since joined the crew. A team of around ten young researchers set on making this blog a lively one to inform about neuro topics from their point of view.

You can find them also on Twitter: @neurosimple and Instagram: @simpleneuro.


Summer party

The LIN summer parties are organized by the Staff Council and bring employees, their children and guests together, for example during the Dragon Boat Race on Salbker See.

Health day

Together with a health insurance company, the Staff Council organizes a health day once a year at the LIN. There are lectures and taster courses for sports or fitness activities. Also, physiological body measurements can be done.

International Christmas Brunch

At Christmas time, the LIN is beautifully decorated with lots of Christmas stars and a Christmas tree. For the International Christmas Brunch the employees bring along typical specialties from their home countries - regardless of whether they celebrate Christmas or not. At the traditional kicker tournament, the players and cheering crowd have fun.


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