Research programs

Our main research areas are

  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural plasticity and neuromodulation

    Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural plasticity and neuromodulation

    Coordinators: Anna Karpova & Michael Kreutz

    The central aim of research program 1 is to bridge molecular mechanisms of synaptic function to neural circuit analysis  in the context of learning and memory. We investigate molecular aspects of synapse biology, cellular mechanisms of plasticity and neural circuit analysis to provide synergies at different levels.  Accordingly, research program 1 has deciphered novel signaling mechanisms and principals  of neuronal function that are relevant for learning and memory consolidation  and that have broader impact for our understanding of neuronal development and neuronal dysfunction in disease.


  • Learning on the systems level

    Learning on the systems level

    Coordinators: Magdalena Sauvage & Frank Ohl

    Research Program 2 investigates the mechanisms of learning, memory and adaptive behavior in animals and humans at the systems level, i.e. at the level of neuronal circuits and interacting brain regions. The program thereby encompasses studies from the molecular/(sub)cellular level to the level of whole-brain imaging and behavior.


    The program focuses on identifying general principles of the functional architecture of adaptive brain systems using state-of-the-art experimental techniques (including multichannel electrophysiology, optogenetics, molecular imaging, 7T- and 9.4T-fMRI, high-resolution behavioral analysis and psychophysics). As principles can only be uncovered through comparison, studies in both suitable animal model systems and in humans are combined in the ways best suited for a given research topic. A second focus is the exploitation of such principles  for developing interventional strategies supporting learning and memory across the lifespan in general, as well as in situations of specific impairment, for example due to old age or disease

  • Cognitive (dys)function and intervention

    Cognitive (dys)function and intervention

    Coordinators: Max-Philipp Stenner & Stefan Remy

    Research Program 3 (RP3) focuses on learning and memory research with clinical relevance. To this end, RP3 brings together three fields with strong potential for clinical transfer and societal impact.





A fourth research program includes innovative cross-structural research projects as well as method and technology development. All research groups work closely together on this interdisciplinary concept.

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