Apply now for the LINdoscope Workshop

The next LINdoscope workshop will take place from 4 to 15 September. Applications are still possible…

2 Schüler schauen durch ein Mikroskop

Girls & Boys Day

What happens after school? The nationwide Girls & Boys Day, in which the LIN is participating again…

Forschende sitzt am Mikroskop und schaut sich eine Probe an

Wie lassen sich Forschungsdaten standardisieren?

Analysiert man Hirnschnitte oder Zellen unter dem Mikroskop, entstehen schnell große Mengen an…

Probandin mit EEG-Haube

Test persons wanted!

What role does the immune system play in our brain performance? How do children learn? What…

Ankunft des großen Magneten als Kernelement für den 7-Tesla-MRT Connectome auf dem Unicampus

DFG grants funding for cooperation platform

A new Core Facility for imaging technologies is currently being built at the OVGU Magdeburg. The…


Certificate with distinction for the audit berufundfamilie

The LIN was awarded Gold Member for its long-standing family-friendly personnel policy.


Leibniz funds Junior Research Group at the LIN

The Senate of the Leibniz Association has selected four new Leibniz Junior Research Groups for…

Nicole Angenstein mit Blumenstrauß

Habilitation thesis defended

Dr Nicole Angenstein successfully defended her habilitation thesis entitled „Hemisphäreninteraktion…


Impressions of the CBBS anniversary

On 25 October, the CBBS celebrated its 15th anniversary. The evening was dedicated to the topic of…


Speed dating with science

Why am I so easily distracted? How do children learn? "Book a Scientist" gives you the chance to…


Impressions from the ICAC meeting

From 3 to 7 September, the 7th International Conference on Auditory Cortex took place in Magdeburg…


NWG course 2022: Apply now!

Interested people can still register for this year's NWG imaging course at the LIN until August 31.

Cover Leibniz-Magazin

New magazine of the Leibniz Association

"Diversity & Unity" are the main topics of the current magazine of the Leibniz Association.


Register now: International Conference on Auditory Cortex

We are pleased to inform you that the registration and abstract submission for the 7th International…


Film und Gespräch: "Tics - Mit Tourette nach Lappland"

Im Studiokino wird der Film von Regisseur Thomas Oswald gezeigt. Anschließend folgt ein Gespräch mit…

Banner für die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft in Magdeburg

Program: Long Night of Science

The 16th Long Night of Science will take place in Magdeburg on 11 June.


Program for FAM Conference is online

From 18 to 20 May, top-class researchers from all over the world will meet at the LIN.

2 Teilnehmer des Boys Day im Labor mit Technischer Assistentin, die das Pipettieren zeigt

April 28: Girls´& Boys´Day am LIN

What happens after school? The Future Day, in which the LIN is participating again this year,…

Forschende untersuchen mit einem Eye-Tracker, wie stark Probanden abgelenkt sind.

Text read, but also understood? - Test persons wanted

How much attention is actually required when pupils read specialist texts in English in subjects…

Kurven bei einer EEG-Messung

New tutorial on analysing EEG data

A team led by Prof. Dr. Nicole Wetzel has developed a tutorial to better evaluate EEG data.

Wolfram Wetzel

We mourn the death of Dr. Wolfram Wetzel

Our former colleague Wolfram Wetzel passed away in December. He had been involved in building up our…

Forschende Person im Labor

New publications out now

The following papers from the LIN are available now.

Publikum im Veranstaltungssaal von hinten

Conferences in 2022

The following scientific conferences are planned for the coming year.

Pilzkörper im Fruchtfliegengehirn

Research into the circuits in the fly brain extended

The DFG has extended research into nerve cells, synapses and neuronal circuits in the mushroom body…

Archivbild vom Magdeburger Weihnachtsmarkt

What feelings do Christmas markets arouse?

Our colleague Dr. Anni Richter spoke with MDR Kultur about pre-Christmas emotions.

Gruppenfoto der CIRC-Veranstaltung

CIRC Meeting in Magdeburg

On September 27, the stakeholders of the German Center for Mental Health (DZPG) met with us in…

Ansicht auf die LINCam

New joint project has started

In order to investigate tissue alterations and head and neck tumors, a BMBF-funded project has been…

Gruppenbild der neuen Forschungsgruppe

Start of new DFG research group on protein turnover at synapses

The German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund a new research group starting on August 1. The goal…

Stefan Remy und Thekla Thiel, Geschäftsführung des LIN

Excellent evaluation of our neuroscience research

The Senate of the Leibniz Association recommends that the federal and state governments continue to…

Logo Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2021

Review of the Long Night of Science

Science fans were able to experience the Long Night exclusively digitally this year.

Eike Budinger mit Blumenstrauß und Urkunde

Eike Budinger becomes apl.-Professor

Eike Budinger has been appointed Adjunct Professor.

Katrina Deane

Katrina Deane gets Best Paper Award from NWG

LIN PhD student Katrina Deane has won 3rd prize in the Neuroscience Society (NWG) Best Paper Award.

Ein Rattenfötus unter dem Mikroskop

Werner Zuschratter wins "Image of the Year" award

For his microscopic image, Dr. Werner Zuschratter won the "Image of the Year" award from Olympus.

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Leibniz Association to fund the Health Technologies Research Alliance for another four years

The research alliance "Leibniz Health Technologies" will receive funding of 1.2 million euros from…

Gewinner des 3. Platzes beim Hugo-Junkers-Preis 2021

Hugo Junkers Prize for "Magdeburg Brain Electrode"

The 3rd place in the category "Most innovative basic research methods" was won by a team from OVGU…

Messung der Gehirnaktivität mit einem Elektro-Enzephalogramm

Magdeburg, Jena and Halle receive federal funding for research on mental health

Starting signal for the establishment of a new German Center for Mental Health in Central Germany

Bild von Ivan Izquierdo beim Vortrag

In Memoriam: Ivan Izquierdo (1937 - 2021)

On February 9, Ivan Izquierdo has died. He was one of the most important researchers in the field of…

Wissenschaftler sitzen bei einer Veranstaltung und sind von hinten zu sehen

Female careers at the LIN

To mark International Women in Science Day on February 11, some of our female colleagues are making…

Ein Kind trägt eine EEG-Haube auf dem Kopf.

New study on attention of elementary school children

How much can children be distracted by new sounds? Prof. Dr. Nicole Wetzel from the CBBS…

Symbolbild für Künstliche Intelligenz

Professor Remy at Ethics Council hearing on AI and human-machine interfaces

On February 25, at 9:30 a.m., the German Ethics Council will hold a public hearing on the topic of…

Bild: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

New Collaborative Research Center "Neuronal Resources of Cognition” funded by the DFG

On November 30th the German Research Organisation (DFG) has announced its funding for 20 new…

Mathias Raschick und Annika Schult im Labor

LIN M.D. candidates were awarded doctoral scholarships from the Medical faculty

Congratulations to Annika Schult and Matthias Raschick from the Department of Behavioral Neurology.…

Photo by Nikhil Tiwari

International scientists during the Corona Crisis

The corona pandemic affects all of us but may concern us very differently. In this post, we ask how…

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new episode: Why not ask a neuroscientist

In our video format "Why not ask a neuroscientist", we are now regularly asking scientists about…

Mandy Bartsch & Stefan Dürschmid

Planned research study on "Mind Wandering" wins LIN Special Project Competition 2020

In everyday life we make many experiences. These experiences are important because they teach us how…

Voller Veranstaltungssaal

New dates for LIN Conferences 2021

After the conferences had to be cancelled and postponed this year due to the Corona crisis, the…

Probanden gesucht

Probands wanted

For various research projects we are looking for healthy subjects aged 18 years and older.

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Research report is published

The new LIN Research Report is out now and is available as print and online version.

Logo vom audit berufundfamilie

The LIN received recognition for his family-friendly policy

In an unusual event, the LIN was awarded the certificate for family and life phase-oriented…

FEM Power Zitat

Women in science during the corona crisis

The past months have taken many people to their personal and professional limits. During the Corona…

Konferenzteilnehmende sitzen im Stuhlkreis

5. International FAM Conference in November 2020

After the Fifth Functional Architecture of Memory (FAM) Conference had to be cancelled in March as a…

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Science during the Corona Crisis

The Corona crisis is changing the world of work. Science is also affected by it. LIN scientists are…

Team des CBBS Best Paper

CBBS-Best Paper of the Year

The publication “SIPA1L2 controls trafficking and local signaling of TrkB-containing amphisomes at…

Lange Nacht 2020 verschoben auf 2021

15th Long Night of Science postponed to 2021

Since 2006, the Long Night of Science has been held every year in spring, but this year the Corona…

neuroscientist Tim Bliss

Tim Bliss gave Hans Jürgen Matthies honorary lecture

Last evening, the co-discoverer of long-term potentiation (LTP) and Fellow of the Royal Society, Tim…

Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy and the speakers of the symposium

Mini-Symposium at LIN

What will be the future development of Neuroscience? What are young scientists working on today? On…


The Learning & Memory Meeting has to be cancelled

Due to some new cases in Germany and following a detailed risk assessment we regret to finally…

PhD Marina Zempeltzi

International Day of Women and Girls in Science - An Interview with the PhD student Marina Zempeltzi

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Marina Zempeltzi, PhD…

Mathias Raschick und Annika Schult im Labor

Probands wanted for memory study

Our M.D. students Annika Schult and Matthias Raschick perform a study to find out why in certain…

Stefan Remy, Geschäftsführender Direktor

Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy is the new director of the institute

Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy has officially been the new director of the LIN since 9 January 2020. He…

Auszubildende im Labor

Student internship at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology

The LIN invites all pupils with a special interest in Neuroscience to apply for a 1-week internship…


LIN defends certificate for family-oriented HR policy

The Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN) successfully defended the certificate for…

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Sculpture "Das schnelle Vergessen" donated to the LIN

The artist Heinz Winkler from Ahlen has donated his sculpture "Das schnelle Vergessen“ to the…

Gruppenbild der Blogger

New blog of our PhD students online

Our young researchers write about neuro topics on their SimpleNeuro blog.

Stefan Remy bei seiner Berufung als Uniprofessor mit Berufungskommission

Stefan Remy comes to the LIN in 2020

Stefan Remy was appointed new head of a scientific department and future LIN director on November…

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Follow us on Twitter!

We are now using a Twitter account to share news of our Institute.

Schüler besuchen Labor am LIN

Pupils visit our labs

The psychology course of the grammar school in Burg came to the LIN for a lab tour.

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Open Access Workshop of the Leibniz Association

On November 13, the Workshop of the Leibniz Assoziation takes place in Magdeburg at the LIN.

Maus aus "Sendung mit der Maus" sitzt am Mikroskop

LIN participates at Maus-Türöffner-Tag

On October 3, the traditional "Sendung mit der Maus" Door Opener Day takes place and we participate…

Alle 10 Läufer der Firmenstaffel jubeln.

LIN with 2 teams at the company relay

Ten runners from three countries competed for the LIN on June 27 and took part in the Magdeburg…


We are now on instagram!

Since this week the LIN has an Instagram channel.

aufgewickeltes Bassoon-Molekül

New study on multiple sclerosis published

The synapse protein bassoon, which was discovered at the LIN in the 1990s, plays an important role…

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LIN researchers plan conferences

Scientists from the LIN organise three major conferences on learning and memory topics in Magdeburg…

Arte-Moderator Gunnar, Wissenschaftlerin Mandy Bartsch und Moderatorin Caroline

ARTE broadcast from the LIN

In January, we hosted a broadcast team from ARTE's science magazine Xenius, who dealt with memory…

Elena Azanon

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr. Elena Azanon

The inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Elena Azanon will take place on 21 January at 3 p.m. in the IBZ…

Prof. Gundelfinger, Prof. Tononi, seine Frau und Prof. Heinze nach der Überreichung der Urkunde

New Leibniz Chair: Prof. Tononi

The famous sleep and consciousness researcher Prof. Dr. Guilio Tononi from the University of…

Picture with Björn Schott and Constanze Seidenbecher

Commission on Ethics in Security-related Research was founded

In December 2018, a Commission on Ethics in Security-related Research was founded at the LIN chaired…

Wissenschaftlerin erklärt Probandin Tests, die sie am Computer machen soll

Probands wanted for memory study

The AG Imaging Genetics is looking for volunteers aged between 50 and 80 for an age study.

Maus aus "Sendung mit der Maus" sitzt am Mikroskop

Open the labs for „Sendung mit der Maus“

On 3 October, young and old mouse fans were given an insight into the fascinating world of…

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