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On February 25, at 9:30 a.m., the German Ethics Council will hold a public hearing on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interfaces".

The German Ethics Council's "Man and Machine" Working Group is currently looking at the social impact of digitization and the associated ethical issues of the relationship between man and machine. The focus is on developments in the field of artificial intelligence and the ever-increasing penetration of digital technologies into all areas of life.

At the public hearing, the German Ethics Council will question four experts working on the development of algorithmic systems, machine learning and possible interfaces and interactions between humans and complex machines on the current status and foreseeable developments of their research. Among the experts is Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy, the Scientific Director of LIN.

Full details of the hearing program can be found at:

The event will be broadcast online on the website of the German Ethics Council.


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