At the LIN, we offer these apprenticeships:

Biology lab assistent

As a biology lab technician you will study animals, plants, microorganisms and cell cultures. You should therefore have a strong interest in and understanding of biology, chemistry and technology. You will have the opportunity to carry out sophisticated experiments with state-of-the-art technical equipment and methods using computer applications in a wide variety of groups at our institute. You will monitor experiments, record measurement data and prepare the results obtained.

In order to be able to carry out these diverse tasks efficiently, you have to be organized, careful and very precise. A strong sense of responsibility and danger is also important, as you will come into contact with sensitive samples, substances and chemicals during training. Your analytical skills, dexterity and perseverance will be of great benefit to you during the training. Understanding the need for well-founded and carefully planned animal testing is unavoidable in a basic research institute, so you should study the subject very carefully.

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Office management

You can work in different administrative areas of our institute – from the Human Resources to the Finance Department and Purchaising up to the assistance in one of our department secretariats. You will take care of organisational and commercial-administrative tasks: from general administrative tasks to accounting, payroll accounting, appointment management, guest care and correspondence.

In order to be able to carry out these diverse tasks efficiently, you must be able to master standard software applications in office communication such as e-mail correspondence and telephone systems. You need organizational talent in your everyday work, because the daily routine constantly offers new challenges. Whether in person, on the phone, by mail or e-mail - you will have many contacts, not only to your colleagues and superiors, but also to supervisory authorities, service providers and companies. Good manners and a well-groomed appearance are therefore essential.

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Animal Caretaker (Research/Clinics)

You like taking care for animals and you also know that animal experiments are necessary to the extent necessary for research and development for the benefit of society.

As an animal keeper at LIN, you are responsible for the well-being of our animals. You take care to keep the cages clean and to provide the animals with sufficient food and water. You will learn how to calculate and prepare feed rations and feed mixtures. You will deal with the Animal and Species Protection Act and apply all necessary safety and hygiene measures. You will also be involved in treatments and procedures and learn a lot about the anatomy and behaviour of the animals.

In order to be able to carry out these diverse tasks efficiently, you have to be organised, careful and very accurate. You must have a strong sense of responsibility, hygiene and observation. In addition, you should not be afraid of physical work. An understanding of the need for well-founded and carefully planned animal testing is also important.

As an animal keeper you should not only have a good connection to animals, but also be friendly and open-minded towards colleagues and superiors.

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IT specialist

As an IT specialist for system integration, you will take care of the planning, setup, installation and maintenance of our IT systems and support our employees competently and professionally in case of computer problems.

You must have technical skills and enjoy solving tricky problems, even if it may take a little longer. You have a strong logical mind and are interested in natural sciences such as mathematics and technology.

You should not only speak the language of computers, but also have strong communication skills in German and English.

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Precision mechanic

As a precision mechanic, you will work on the development and production of new experimental setups and assist our researchers in implementing their ideas. Conventional and CNC-controlled machines and other tools as well as modern information technology are at your disposal.

In order to be able to carry out the diverse work efficiently, you should have a technical understanding, a distinct spatial imagination and an interest in natural sciences such as mathematics, technology and physics. Perseverance and enjoyment in solving tricky technical tasks will help you if it takes a little longer to find a solution.

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