Department Behavioral Neurology

The department of Behavioral Neurology investigates physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of human behavior with a strong focus on the neural basis of cognitive control and its interaction with learning-dependent motivational processes.

For this purpose, we combine basic and clinical research in order to examine the underlying mechanisms of normal and disturbed learning-related functions and to develop effective treatment approaches. Our basic research focuses on movement control, neural correlates of perceptual processes as well as on higher cognitive functions such as attention, memory and motivation.

  • Head


    Hans-Jochen Heinze studied human medicine and mathematics. After his training as a specialist in neurology and his habilitation in 1985, he went to the Cognitive Neuroscience Department of the University of California, San Diego, as a DFG scholarship holder for two years. In 1993 he took over the management of the Clinic for Neurology II of the Medical Faculty at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

    Since 1997 he has also been director of the Imaging Center in Magdeburg, and since 2002 coordinator of the Center for Advanced Imaging (CAI) Magdeburg-Bremen. In addition, he has been Director of the Department of Behavioural Neurology at LIN since 2005. Since 2008, Heinze has headed the University Clinic for Neurology which emerged from the Clinic for Neurology and the Clinic for Neurology II. At the beginning of 2019, he became Director of the University Hosital Magdeburg.

    His research areas include functional imaging of cognitive functions in visual attention, reward processing, behavioural neurology, memory and consciousness. He is also working on the integration of the newly developed imaging techniques into neurology.

    From 2005 to 2011 Hans-Jochen Heinze was a member of the Senate and the Joint Committee of the German Research Foundation (DFG). In February 2009, Hans-Jochen Heinze was appointed to the Science Council by the former Federal President Horst Köhler. In February 2012, Prof. Heinze was appointed to the Science Council for another three-year term.

  • Members


    Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen
    Rosemarie Oelschlä
    Heads of Working Groups  
    Dr. Stefan Dü
    Prof. Dr. Hermann
    Prof. Dr. Mircea Ariel
    PD Dr. Dr. Björn
    Prof. Dr. Constanze
    Dr. Max-Philipp
    Prof. Dr. Martin
    Dr. Sarah
    Dr. Joseph
    Dr. Christian
    Dr. Christoph
    Dr. Anni
    Dr. Michael Scholz+49
    Dr. Judith
    PhD students  
    Lejla Colic
    cand. med. Julius Heil  
    cand. med. Andre Maric  
    Technical staff members  
    Renate Blobel-Lü
    Annika Schult  


  • Projects


    The Department of Behavioural Neurology is divided into several working groups dealing with brain stimulation, experimental neurophysiology, neuropsychiatric disorders, motor learning, brain-machine interfaces and the molecular mechanisms of cognitive functions.

    Since January 2017, Ariel Schoenfeld has been Medical Director of the Schmieder Clinics in Heidelberg and LIN Fellow at LIN. Martin Walter, Professor of Biomedical Image Analysis in Psychiatry at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen since summer 2016, will also remain in Magdeburg as a LIN Fellow.

    The malfunction of executive functions in patients, e.g. in addiction, depression, epilepsy or dementia, can be extremely complex and can be caused by disturbed information processing at different cognitive levels. The research of the department is therefore carried out in close cooperation with the Clinic for Neurology at the Medicial Faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.


  • Current Third Party Funds

    Current Third Party Funds

    BMBF Research Campus Stimulate

    DFG/SFB 779 "Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior"

    Autonomy in old age - immune factors and ageing

    Home – development of a home monitoring system for neurological and other clinical parameters to maintain domesticityörderung+_+Drittmittelprojekte/Autonomie+im+Alter.html

    Medicine and Digitization

    from 2011
    LSA/Uni: Neurosciences as a Location of Excellence in Magdeburg

  • Publications



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