Equal Opportunities

People with different cultural and religious backgrounds, different sexes and ages work at the LIN. We see this diversity of our employees as an advantage, because the diversity of perspectives contributes to good research. This is why we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the same career opportunities.

To promote equal opportunities, we are participating in the FEM Power project from 2018 to 2023. FEM POWER is an EU-funded programme to promote and establish equal opportunities between women and men in science and research.

FEM Power @ LIN

Based on the Leibniz equality standards we concentrate on the equal chances and the career development of female scientists. Since the work for equal opportunities should not only begin on the individual level, the FEM power project aims to change the basic conditions, in which science and research take place. Our main goals are:


1. individual career planning and development

Scientific careers are often intransparent and difficult to plan. Female scientists in particular are affected because the networks in which careers are promoted are still strongly male-dominated. To counteract this, we support female scientists through individual talks, workshops on career-relevant topics and mediate participation in mentoring programmes (Cometin, Mecosa, Leibniz). We are building up an alumnae network and specifically invite successful women to career talks.

2. gender equality

We are working on gender equality and want to increase the proportion of women in management positions. In order to create a balanced relationship between men and women at all career levels, we work closely with the Equal Opportunities Commissioners.

3. work-life balance

For equal opportunities, it is central to harmonise the demands of job and family life. We promote a healthy work-life balance for our employees through flexible working time models and mobile working. We support parents (and parents to be) in planning and returning to work after parental leave and looking for childcare. For this work, we have been certified with the berufundfamilie audit.

4. gender research in neurosciences

One aim of the FEM Power project is to bring science and gender research into dialogue. Therefore, we want to inform at the LIN about current impulses from gender research in neurosciences in a lecture series.



Dr. Sarah Czerney (on maternity leave)
Consultant for Equal Opportunities and Career Development
Tel.: +49-391-6263-92121
E-Mail: sarah.czerney(at)lin-magdeburg.de


Dr. Achim Engelhorn
Consultant for Equal Opportunities and Career Development
Tel.: +49 391 6263 94452
E-Mail: Achim.Engelhorn(at)lin-magdeburg.de


Maren Bartsch
Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Tel.: +49-391-6263- 91291
E-Mail: Maren.Bartsch(at)lin-magdeburg.de


Kathrin Pohlmann
Deputy Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Tel.: +49-391-6263- 94341
E-Mail: Kathrin.Pohlmann(at)lin-magdeburg.de

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