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The Neurogenetics Laboratory provides top level scientific expertise and technology for the assessment of mouse behavior and mouse genetics. Neurogenetics investigates inherited preconditions for the abilities of the nervous system.

Our group concentrates according to the aims of LIN on the genetic basis of learning and memory. The mouse as a model system is easily accessible to genetic modification and possesses a highly developed mammalian brain. The knowledge acquired with the mouse model can thus be translated to humans.

Our basic research easily connects to human diseases like Alzheimer's dementia or autism but also to pathophysiological conditions like depression or posttraumatic stress disorder.

Main interests are the investigation of new pharmacological active substances for the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia and the functions of Neuroplastin in learning and memory processes.

  • Head


    Dirk Montag heads the Neurogenetics Laboratory at LIN. After studying Biochemistry at the University Tübingen, Dirk Montag received his Ph.D. at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biology. His research in the USA (Scripps Clinic 1989-1991) and Switzerland (ETH-Zurich 1991-1997) made him expert in the field of neural cell recognition molecules.

    In 1997, Dirk Montag established a research group at LIN and received his habilitations from ETH-Zurich and the University of Grenoble. Since 1998, Dirk Montag is Privatdozent (University Lecturer) at Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg.


  • Members


    PD Dr. Dirk
    PhD student  
    Technical staff member  
  • Projects


    We achieved considerable progress in our main research area: functions of neuroplastin. In our first description of the neuroplastin-deficient mouse (Bhattacharya et al. 2017) we prove that neuroplastin is essential for particular forms of learning and memory. Genetic inactivation of neuroplastin in the adult animal demonstrated that memory of negative associative experiences is not possible without neuroplastin. Inactivation of neuroplastin selectively in glutamatergic neurons (Herrera-Molina et al. 2017), in the immune system (Korthals et al. 2017), and the discovery of the phylogenetically conserved complex formation of neuroplastin with plasma membrane calcium ATPases, which are mediating the intracellular calcium homeostasis, resulted in major progress understanding the necessity and functions of neuroplastin.

  • Current Third Party Funds

    Current Third Party Funds

    LIN Special Project co-applicant
    “Hippocampus-dependent versus striatum-dependent spatial learning in latent toxoplasmosis - A cross-species investigation"

    co-applicant/ project partner
    "Presynaptic functions of Neuroplastin" (PrePLASTic)

  • Publications



    Montag D, Pelz L, Rathjen F. 2023. Lack of the Ig cell adhesion molecule BT-IgSF (IgSF11) induced behavioral changes in the open maze, water maze and resident intruder test. PLoS ONE. 18(1):Article e0280133.



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    Montag D. 2021. Retrograde amnesia - a question of disturbed Calcium levels?. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 15:Article 746198.

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  • Teaching & Internships

    Teaching & Internships

    Privatdozent (Lecturer) Dr. Montag participates in the curriculum for "Integrative Neuroscience" at OvGU.

    There are possibilities for practical lab courses, master and Ph.D studies under his supervision. If you are interested, please contact him!

  • Hugo Junkers Award

    Hugo Junkers Award

    Hugo Junkers Award in 2016: Dirk Montag (l.) and Rodrigo Herrera-Molina (r.) win 2nd place in the category "Most Innovative Projects in Basic Research" for their neuroplastin research.


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