SynProt Databases

The SynProt portal is dedicated to proteomic data from neurons and glia cells. It contains three databases:

SynProt Classic    
This database contains the subdatabase 'Synaptic Junction' which is dedicated to proteins of detergent-resistant synaptic junctions fractions. In addition, other well-known postsynaptic density proteins, or associated proteins, that have not been identified by proteomics analyses have been included. Currently the database contains more than 2500 non-redundant entries of rat, mouse and human proteins.

This database includes data from the presynaptic proteome. PreProt contains three subdatabases: 'Synaptic vesicle' includes datasets from proteome studies of the presynaptic vesicle. 'Cytomatrix' contains presynaptic proteins located in the cytomatrix. 'Active Zone' contains presynaptic proteins located at the active zone.  

The AstroProt database is dedicated to the proteome and secretome of astrocytes.


The SynProt group is tightly collaborating with the synaptic gene ontology (SynGO) consortium. SynGO is an evidence-based, expert-curated resource for synapse function and gene enrichment studies. (Koopmans et al., 2019, Neuron PMID 31171447)

The Magdeburg SynGO team:

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