Logo Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2021

Science fans were able to experience the Long Night exclusively digitally this year. Nevertheless, there was a varied and interactive program on three channels.

Those who missed the whole thing on May 29 can re-watch the livestreams here or watch some of our contributions on our YouTube channel.

Our program points at a glance:

  • 19:00 "Brain Sex: What happens in the head during pleasure" with Max Happel
    Channel "Gesundheit & Leben"
  • 20:45 "Brain Food: What food does the brain need?" with Constanze Seidenbecher
    Channel "Gesundheit & Leben"
  • 21:00 "Meet a scientist" with Stefan Remy
    Channel "Welt von morgen"
  • 21:15 Stefan Remy on Brain-Machine-Interfacing: "About reading out & planting thoughts"
    Channel "Welt von morgen"
  • 22:15 A look into the rodent brain at 9.4-Tesla - How does ultra-high-field MRI work? with the Small Animal MRI Lab
    Channel "Gesundheit & Leben"
  • 22:40 Future of Science: How solidary are mice actually with each other? with Sanja Mikulovic
    Channel "SciencePort"
  • Plus: Body illusions that trick the brain - to try at home, with the Stenner and Azanon labs.


Have fun with it!

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