Luck of the draw for outstanding project proposals. Alessio Attardo, Andrés Mauricio Jaramillo Flautero and Christoph Reichert (from left to right) are the first winners of the new Intramural Funding Initiative at LIN.

This week at LIN there was an exciting moment for us all as the winners of the first round of our new Intramural Funding Initiative, our internal funding initiative, were drawn. This initiative not only supports the creative minds at our institute, but has the potential to have a positive impact far beyond the labs and offices.

What does this mean for all of us?
The "Steps", "Accelerate" and "Trust" programmes are more than just additional financial support. They are investments in ideas that could one day improve our health, make us more sustainable or revolutionise the way we work. 
Christoph Reichert, the winner of the "Steps" programme, would like to use his grant to buy a special EEG headset. This device enables computers to be controlled with thoughts - an exciting technology that he wants to use both in teaching and for public demonstrations. Andrés Mauricio Jaramillo Flautero is receiving support for his doctoral thesis from the "Accelerate" programme. He is investigating how certain harmful substances produced during the degradation of the neurotransmitter dopamine affect nerve cells in Parkinson's disease. And Alessio Attardo, winner of "Trust", is researching methods to better diagnose and treat diseases such as Alzheimer's and autism.

A look behind the scenes
The winners were selected by lot after all submissions had been carefully scrutinised. This procedure ensures that every idea, no matter how big or small, is given a fair chance and reflects our commitment to transparency and equal opportunities.

Why do we provide additional funding?

Every funded project is an example of how public funds can be used effectively to tackle real problems. Funding science and research is a worthwhile investment in our future that ultimately benefits us all.

Diversity and collaboration
Our approach at LIN shows that diversity in science leads to more innovative solutions. By supporting a wide range of projects, from basic research to applied science, we help to ensure that different perspectives and ideas are heard and encouraged, that courage is rewarded. Intramural funding is our way of showing that we are serious about supporting scientific research and the personal and professional development of our teams.

The next round
To all LIN employees: If you have innovative ideas for the LIN or want to explore research questions in more depth, apply for the next round of Intramural Funding. The last day for your submission is 31 October 2024, so have the courage to submit your ideas! 

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