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In an unusual event, the LIN was awarded the certificate for family and life phase-oriented personnel policy by the berufundfamilie Service GmbH. Due to the current health situation, the audit certificate was symbolically awarded to 334 organisations, including 134 companies, 164 institutions and 36 universities, in an online event.

The Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Dr. Franziska Giffey, sent a message of greeting to the institutions: "The last few weeks in particular have shown how important the compatibility of family and career is. If school and day care are missing - then it depends on the flexibility of employers." The Federal Minister acts as patron of the aufit berufundfamilie. 

At LIN, flexible working time models, teleworking and individual solutions for care problems have helped employees to get through the crisis well so far.

In 2013, LIN was awarded the audit berufundfamilie certificate for the first time. The institute was already able to successfully defend this seal in summer 2016. This is the third time that the Institute has been awarded for their family and life phase conscious personnel policy. The certificate is valid for three years.

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