In recent weeks, people all over Germany have made it clear that democracy, human rights and the constitutional state are immutable values of our society. Our civil society has shown that our democracy is alive and resilient. The Leibniz Association stands with the demonstrators and strongly supports the protest.

As a research institution, we are committed to political neutrality. Neutrality is considered good scientific practice.

But neutral does not mean indifferent.

We are a community of 262 employees with 30 different nationalities and, with our diverse job profiles and research focuses, a representation of our society. We look after each other, support and inspire each other - no matter where we come from. What matters is what we want to achieve together.

And we want it to remain that way.

That is why we, together with the entire Leibniz Association, stand for democracy, fundamental and human rights, respect and cooperation. We stand against discrimination, hostility and exclusion.

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