On 25 October, the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences (CBBS) celebrated its 15th anniversary in the Kaiser-Otto-Saal of the Kulturhistorisches Museum. The evening was dedicated to the topic of how the application potential of neuroscientific research can be used for digital neurotechnologies.

Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, Minister for Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment, as well as the President of the Helmholtz Association, Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Otmar Wiestler.

The guests were offered an ambitious programme of short lectures by the neuroscientific community, by Dr. Anne Maass from the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Dr. Michael Lippert from the LIN, as well as an impulse lecture by Prof. Dr. Susanne Schreiber, Chair of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience and member of the German Ethics Council, and a panel discussion by Prof. Dr. Constanze Seidenbecher on the topic of "Digital Technologies for the Brain?" with DZNE Director Prof. Dr. med. Emrah Düzel, Prof. Dr. Susanne Schreiber and the Head of the Business Unit Neurodegenerative and Rare Diseases Roche Pharma AG, Dr. Michael Schöttler.

This was followed by a reception with musical accompaniment and hands-on booths with spectacular insights into CBBS research.

You can find more information here.

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