At the beginning of May, Dr Torben Heinze took up his position as Administrative Director at the LIN. Together with Prof Dr Stefan Remy, the Scientific Director, Dr Heinze now forms the joint leadership of the institute. 
"The collaboration with Mr Heinze opens up opportunities for us to continue linking excellent science with effective management and thus not only achieve the LIN's strategic goals, but also take them even further," says Prof Dr Stefan Remy. "Mr Heinze's experience and his commitment to science management are an enrichment for our team."

"It is a great pleasure for me to work with Prof Dr Remy and all my new colleagues in Magdeburg. I am impressed by the wide range of opportunities that the location offers, particularly in basic research, the promotion of young scientists and knowledge transfer, which are exemplary for Leibniz Institutes," says Dr Heinze, summarising his first impressions. "In my role at LIN, I am particularly keen to maintain a balance between professional science management and a science-supporting approach."

Dr Heinze brings a wealth of experience from the Leibniz Association. After holding positions in the central administration office of the Leibniz Association and at the Social Science Research Centre Berlin, Dr Heinze most recently worked at the Leibniz Institute for the German Language in Mannheim.

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