Wissenschaftlerin erklärt Probandin Tests, die sie am Computer machen soll


What is the study about?
It is about the question why some people can remember things better or react faster than others in certain situations. The scientists are investigating what influence certain messenger substances of the immune system have on these abilities.

Who can participate?
We are looking for healthy volunteers between the ages of 50 and 80 without psychiatric, neurological or severe chronic diseases. Interested parties should be right-handed. In addition, there should be no reasons against MRI, such as pacemakers, joint prostheses or retainers.

How can I register?
There are two ways to contact us: by e-mail at altersstudie(at)lin-magdeburg.de or by answering machine at 0391-626392291 (please give your name, date of birth and contact details for a callback).

Contact persons are Matthias Raschick and Annika Schult. Björn Schott is the study director.

How much time do the volunteers have to plan?
The volunteers should expect 3 hours each on 2 consecutive days.

On the first day, the respondent must complete questionnaires on health and MRI suitability as well as carry out small tests with various tasks on the computer that examine attention, memory, reaction time and ability to concentrate. In addition, a small amount of blood is taken from the participant.

The second day is followed by an MRI examination, which lasts about 50 minutes. The activation patterns in the brain are measured to solve a simple problem. This is followed by a few questionnaires and computer tests.

When and where does the experiment take place?
After an individual appointment at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Brenneckestr. 6 in Magdeburg.


What is the benefit of the test person?
The respondent receives feedback on his test results and can compare himself with his peers. In addition, the participant subsequently receives an MRI image of his brain. There is also an expense allowance of 56 euros.

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