The LIN was awarded Gold Member for its long-standing family-friendly personnel policy.

The certificate berufundfamilie with distinction stands for the special recognition of many years of sustainable family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy. „The certificate for the audit berufundfami-lie is regarded as a seal of quality for a strategically designed compatibility policy and thus not only demonstrates our commitment in this regard, but is also a necessary prerequisite for our scientific work“, says Thekla Thiel, Head of the Administration.

Previously, LIN successfully completed the dialogue procedure for the audit, which is open to employers who have been pursuing a strategically designed family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy for at least nine years with the audit. The LIN was first awarded the audit certificate in 2013.

After three (re-)audits, the dialogue procedure now followed. The aim of the dialogue procedure is to maintain the high level of development of the family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy and to use the optimization potential in individual selected areas. In order to ensure the quality of the certificate, another dialogue procedure will have to be carried out in three years.

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