6th FAM Conference 2024

Juni, 19-21 2024

The conference series focuses on bringing new insights on major controversies in recognition memory as well as bridging further human and animal memory. 

The world's leading experts in medial temporal lobe research and memory function will discuss their findings from behavioral studies, imaging techniques, electrophysiology, mutagenesis, and computer techniques. In a daily students /speakers-only brainstorming sessionthe FAM conference promotes young researchers by enabling them to directly discuss their research with the speakers.

Speakers confirmed

  • Jozsef Csicsvari, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria

  • Stefan Köhler, Western University, Canada

  • Thomas McHugh, Riken, Japan

  • Sanja Mikulovich, LIN Magdeburg, Germany

  • Morris Moscovitch, University of Toronto, Canada

  • Charan Ranganath, University of California, Davis, USA

  • Stefan Remy, LIN Magdeburg, Germany

  • Magdalena Sauvage, LIN Magdeburg, Germany

  • Monika Schönauer, University Freiburg, Germany

  • Oliver Stork, OvGU Magdeburg, Germany

  • Menno Witter, Kavli Institut, Norway

  • Motoharu Yoshida, DZNE & LIN Magdeburg, Germany

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