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Dr. Mohamed Raafet Ammar



Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 6263 94351

  • Publications


    Confettura AD, Cuboni E, Ammar MR, Jia S, Gomes GM, Yuanxiang P, Raman R, Li T, Grochowska KM, Ahrends R, Karpova A, Dityatev A, Kreutz MR. 2022. Neddylation-dependent protein degradation is a nexus between synaptic insulin resistance, neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease. Translational neurodegeneration. 11(1):Article 2.

    Tanguy E, Costé de Bagneaux P, Kassas N, Ammar M-R, Wang Q, Haeberlé A-M, Raherindratsara J, Fouillen L, Renard P-Y, Montero-Hadjadje M, Chasserot-Golaz S, Ory S, Gasman S, Bader M-F, Vitale N. 2020. Mono- and Poly-unsaturated Phosphatidic Acid Regulate Distinct Steps of Regulated Exocytosis in Neuroendocrine Cells. Cell Reports. 32(7):Article 108026.

    Andres-Alonso M, Ammar MR, Butnaru I, Gomes GM, Acuña Sanhueza G, Raman R, Yuanxiang P, Borgmeyer M, Lopez-Rojas J, Raza SA, Brice N, Hausrat TJ, Macharadze T, Diaz-Gonzalez S, Carlton M, Failla AV, Stork O, Schweizer M, Gundelfinger ED, Kneussel M, Spilker C, Karpova A, Kreutz MR. 2019. SIPA1L2 controls trafficking and local signaling of TrkB-containing amphisomes at presynaptic terminals. Nature Communications. 10(1):Article 5448.

    Ammar MR, Thahouly T, Hanauer A, Stegner D, Nieswandt B, Vitale N. 2015. PLD1 participates in BDNF-induced signalling in cortical neurons. Scientific Reports. 5:Article 14778.

    Verma P, Augustine GJ, Ammar MR, Tashiro A, Cohen SM. 2015. A neuroprotective role for microRNA miR-1000 mediated by limiting glutamate excitotoxicity. Nature Neuroscience. 18(3):379-385.

    Ammar M-R, Kassas N, Bader M-F, Vitale N. 2014. Phosphatidic acid in neuronal development: a node for membrane and cytoskeleton rearrangements. Biochimie. 107(Part A):51-57.

    Morel N, Poëa-Guyon S, Ammar MR, Vitale N. 2014. La V-ATPase: un senseur de pH contrôlant la fusion membranaire.Medecine/Sciences. 30(6):631-633.

    Ammar MR, Humeau Y, Hanauer A, Nieswandt B, Bader MF, Vitale N. 2013. The coffin-lowry syndrome-associated protein RSK2 regulates neurite outgrowth through phosphorylation of phospholipase D1 (PLD1) and synthesis of phosphatidic acid. Journal of Neuroscience. 33(50):19470-19479.

    Poëa-Guyon S, Ammar MR, Erard M, Amar M, Moreau AW, Fossier P, Gleize V, Vitale N, Morel N. 2013. The V-ATPase membrane domain is a sensor of granular ph that controls the exocytotic machinery. Journal of Cell Biology. 203(2):283-298.

    Ammar MR, Kassas N, Chasserot-Golaz S, Bader MF, Vitale N. 2013. Lipids in regulated exocytosis: What are they doing?. Frontiers in Endocrinology. 4(SEP):Article Article 125.

    Mehmood T, Schneider A, Sibillec J, Pereira PM, Pannetier S, Ammar MR, Dembele D, Thibault-Carpentier C, Rouach N, Hanauer A. 2011. Transcriptome profile reveals AMPA receptor dysfunction in the hippocampus of the Rsk2-knockout mice, an animal model of Coffin-Lowry syndrome. Human Genetics. 129(3):255-269.

    Zeniou-Meyer M, Gambino F, Ammar MR, Humeau Y, Vitale N. 2010. The coffin-lowry syndrome-associated protein RSK2 and neurosecretion. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. 30(8):1401-1406.
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