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Dr. Oliver Kobler


Combinatorial NeuroImaging

Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 6263 93221
ORCID: 0000-0001-7173-9919

  • Research interests

    Research interests

    During my doctoral thesis, I addressed the role and dynamics of scaffolding proteins at larval neuromuscular junction (NMJ) of Drosophila melanogaster by means of molecular biology, confocal laser scanning microscopy and 3D image analysis. Motivated by this experience, I developed a strong interest to apply advanced fluorescence imaging techniques like multi-colour STED imaging and light sheet microscopy (including clearing techniques) to various sample preparations. As a member of the Combinatorial NeuroImaging Core Facility (CNI), I am also responsible for maintaining our various microscope setups as well as training users in their operation and post-acquisition image analysis.

  • Curriculum vitae

    Curriculum vitae

    After my apprenticeships to become a radio and television engineer (1992) and a state-approved educator (theoretical exam in 1997) I got my University-entrance degree at the evening school AGW in Wiesbaden in 2000.  To study Neurobiology I moved from University of Mainz to Magdeburg in 2003. After getting my diploma in Neurobiology in 2007 at Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, I decided to stay in the lab of Ulrich Thomas as a PhD student. There I completet my PHD degree in 2020. From 2012 onwards, I am a member of the Combinatorial Neuroimaging Core Facility at LIN.

  • Publications


    Mancini N, Thoener J, Tafani E, Pauls D, Mayseless O, Strauch M, Eichler K, Champion A, Kobler O, Weber D, et al. 2022. Rewarding capacity of optogenetically activating a giant GABAergic central-brain interneuron in larval Drosophila. (bioRxiv).

    Meka DP, Kobler O, Hong S, Friedrich CM, Wuesthoff S, Henis M, Schwanke B, Krisp C, Schmuelling N, Rueter R, et al. 2022. Centrosome-dependent microtubule modifications set the conditions for axon formation. Cell Reports. 39(3):Article 110686.

    Kobler O, Weiglein A, Hartung K, Chen Y-C, Gerber B, Thomas U. 2021. A quick and versatile protocol for the 3D visualization of transgene expression across the whole body of larval Drosophila. Journal of Neurogenetics. 35(3):306-319.

    Krick N, Ryglewski S, Pichler A, Bikbaev A, Götz T, Kobler O, Heine M, Thomas U, Duch C. 2021. Separation of presynaptic Cav2 and Cav1 channel function in synaptic vesicle exo- and endocytosis by the membrane anchored Ca2+ pump PMCA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118(28):Article e2106621118.

    Meka DP, Scharrenberg R, Zhao B, Kobler O, König T, Schaefer I, Schwanke B, Klykov S, Richter M, Eggert D, et al. 2019. Radial somatic F-actin organization affects growth cone dynamics during early neuronal development. EMBO Reports. 20(12):Article e47743.

    Leschik J, Eckenstaler R, Endres T, Munsch T, Edelmann E, Richter K, Kobler O, Fischer K-D, Zuschratter W, Brigadski T, et al. 2019. Prominent Postsynaptic and Dendritic Exocytosis of Endogenous BDNF Vesicles in BDNF-GFP Knock-in Mice. Molecular Neurobiology. 56(10):6833-6855.

    van Bommel B, Konietzny A, Kobler O, Bär J, Mikhaylova M. 2019. F-actin patches associated with glutamatergic synapses control positioning of dendritic lysosomes. EMBO Journal. 38(15):e101183.

    Marter K, Kobler O, Erdmann I, Soleimanpour E, Landgraf P, Mueller A, Abele J, Thomas U, Dieterich D. 2019. Click Chemistry (CuAAC) and Detection of Tagged de novo Synthesized Proteins in Drosophila. Bio-protocol. 9(2):Article e3142.

    Saumweber T, Rohwedder A, Schleyer M, Eichler K, Chen Y-C, Aso Y, Cardona A, Eschbach C, Kobler O, Voigt A, et al. 2018. Functional architecture of reward learning in mushroom body extrinsic neurons of larval Drosophila. Nature Communications. 9(1):Article 1104.

    Mikhaylova M, Bär J, van Bommel B, Schätzle P, YuanXiang PA, Raman R, Hradsky J, Konietzny A, Loktionov EY, Reddy PP, et al. 2018. Caldendrin Directly Couples Postsynaptic Calcium Signals to Actin Remodeling in Dendritic Spines. Neuron. 97(5):1110-1125.e14.

    Zhao B, Meka DP, Scharrenberg R, König T, Schwanke B, Kobler O, Windhorst S, Kreutz MR, Mikhaylova M, Calderon De Anda F. 2017. Microtubules Modulate F-actin Dynamics during Neuronal Polarization. Scientific Reports. 7(1):Article 9583.

    Erdmann I, Marter K, Kobler O, Niehues S, Mueller A, Abele J, Storkebaum E, Thomas U, Dieterich D. 2017. Cell Type-specific Metabolic Labeling of Proteins with Azidonorleucine in Drosophila. Bio-protocol. 7(14).

    Maldonado H, Calderon C, Burgos-Bravo F, Kobler O, Zuschratter W, Ramirez O, Härtel S, Schneider P, Quest AFG, Herrera-Molina R, et al. 2017. Astrocyte-to-neuron communication through integrin-engaged Thy-1/CBP/Csk/Src complex triggers neurite retraction via the RhoA/ROCK pathway. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research. 1864(2):243-254.

    Bär J, Kobler O, Van Bommel B, Mikhaylova M. 2016. Periodic F-actin structures shape the neck of dendritic spines. Scientific Reports. 6:Article 37136.

    Mikhaylova M, Bera S, Kobler O, Frischknecht R, Kreutz MR. 2016. A Dendritic Golgi Satellite between ERGIC and Retromer. Cell Reports. 14(2):189-199.

    Erdmann I, Marter K, Kobler O, Niehues S, Abele J, Müller A, Bussmann J, Storkebaum E, Ziv T, Thomas U, et al. 2015. Cell-selective labelling of proteomes in Drosophila melanogaster. Nature Communications. 6:Article 7521.

    Fidzinski P, Korotkova T, Heidenreich M, Maier N, Schuetze S, Kobler O, Zuschratter W, Schmitz D, Ponomarenko A, Jentsch TJ. 2015. KCNQ5 K+ channels control hippocampal synaptic inhibition and fast network oscillations. Nature Communications. 6:Article 6254.

    Koch N, Kobler O, Thomas U, Qualmann B, Kessels MM. 2014. Terminal axonal arborization and synaptic bouton formation critically rely on Abp1 and the Arp2/3 complex. PLoS ONE. 9(5):Article e97692.

    Sakaba T, Kononenko NL, Bacetic J, Pechstein A, Schmoranzer J, Yao L, Barth H, Shupliakov O, Kobler O, Aktories K, et al. 2013. Fast neurotransmitter release regulated by the endocytic scaffold intersectin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 110(20):8266-8271.

    Schoonderwoert V, Dijkstra R, Luckinavicius G, Kobler O, van der Voort H. 2013. Huygens STED Deconvolution Increases Signal-to-Noise and Image Resolution towards 22 nm. Microscopy Today. 21(06):38 - 44.

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