LIN Staff

Sebastian Samer

PhD Student


Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Brenneckestr. 6
39118 Magdeburg
Phone: +49 391 6263 94331
ORCID: 0009-0002-1299-6936

  • Publications


    Karpova A, Samer S, Turacak R, Yuanxiang P, Kreutz MR. 2023. Integration of nuclear Ca2+ transients and subnuclear protein shuttling provides a novel mechanism for the regulation of CREB-dependent gene expression. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. 80(8):Article 228.

    Grochowska KM, Gomes GM, Raman R, Kaushik R, Sosulina L, Kaneko H, Oelschlegel AM, Yuanxiang P, Reyes-Resina I, Bayraktar G, et al. 2023. Jacob-induced transcriptional inactivation of CREB promotes Aβ-induced synapse loss in Alzheimer's disease. The EMBO journal. 42(4):Article e112453.

    Reyes-Resina I, Samer S, Kreutz MR, Oelschlegel AM. 2021. Molecular Mechanisms of Memory Consolidation That Operate During Sleep. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 14:Article 767384.

    Samer S, Raman R, Laube G, Kreutz MR, Karpova A. 2021. The nuclear lamina is a hub for the nuclear function of Jacob. Molecular brain. 14(1):Article 9.

    Grochowska KM, Kaushik R, Gomes GM, Raman R, Bär J, Bayraktar G, Samer S, Reyes-Resina I, Spilker C, Woo MS, et al. 2020. A molecular mechanism by which amyloid-β induces inactivation of CREB in Alzheimer’s Disease. bioRxiv.
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