Learning and Memory: Cellular and Systemic Views

The conference series "Learning & Memory: Cellular and Systemic Views" has the longest tradition among Magdeburg neuroscience events. It is held every five years and covers all aspects of modern learning and memory research including molecular and cellular aspects as well as psychology and clinics. Invited speakers come from leading labs all over the world. This series dates back to 1967, when it was initiated by Hansjürgen Matthies (1925 - 2008), the former director of the Institute for Neurobiology and Brain Research. Thus, this series is even older than the meetings of the American Society for Neuroscience, which are held since 1971.

After the great success in 2015 the Organizing Committee is looking forward to meet you again in Magdeburg. In March 2020 we hope for another colorful mixture of diverse approaches to study the phenomenon of learning and memory formation from flies to man, from molecules to memory concepts and from LTP to Alzheimer's Disease. The stimulating spirit of sharing concepts and ideas will make the conference another very special event illustrating the complex issue from very different sides.


The registration is open.

    • Registration


      Registration fee (including meeting participation, coffee breaks, lunch, and abstract booklet)

      Early registration fee:* (until February 1, 2020):
      450 € for academic participants,
      350 € for Ph.D. students
      *LIN members are eligible for free participation.
      Ph.D students from Magdeburg can apply for a fee waiver funded by the CBBS.

      Late registration fee (at the meeting desk, cash only):
      500 € for academic participants,
      400 € for Ph.D. students

      Per diem tickets (at the meeting desk, cash only):
      150 € for academic participants,
      120 € for Ph.D. students


      Please register and upload your abstract here:

    • Sessions & confirmed speakers

      Sessions & confirmed speakers

      1. Session "Inter-regional interactions in memory processing" (Chairs: Markus Fendt, Volkmar Leßmann, Magdalena Sauvage)

      • Paul Frankland, Toronto, Canada
      • Mu-ming Poo, Berkeley/Shanghai
      • Simone Sartori, Innsbruck
      • Jan Born, Tübingen                 
      • Emrah Düzel, Magdeburg               


      2. Session "Decision making, confidence, and metacognition" (Chairs: Emrah Düzel, Markus Ullsperger)

      • Stephen Fleming, UCL, London, UK
      • Chris Summerfield, Oxford, UK
      • Tobias Donner, UKE Hamburg 
      • Max-Philipp Stenner, Magdeburg 
      • Dorothea Hämmerer, Magdeburg


      3. Session "Synapse beyond the synapse" (Chairs: Daniela Dieterich, Constanze Seidenbecher)

      • Phil Haydon, Boston, MA
      • Valentin Nägerl, Bordeaux
      • Serena Dudek, NIH, North Carolina 
      • Stephan Sigrist, Berlin
      • Maria Andres-Alonso, Hamburg


      4. Session "Perceptual learning and its translatability" (Chairs: Tömme Nösselt, Stefan Pollmann)

      • Christoph Kayser, Bielefeld
      • Takeo Watanabe, Providence, RI
      • Michael Beyeler, Seattle, WA
      • Brigitte Röder, Hamburg
      • Kristine Krug, Oxford/Magdeburg


      5. Session "It's in the timing ..." (Chairs: Bertram Gerber, Frank Ohl)

      • Sonja Grün, Jülich
      • Warren H Meck, Duke University, NC
      • Yoshinori Aso, HHMI Janelia
      • Aparna Suvrathan, McGill University, Canada 
      • Markus Fendt, Magdeburg


      6. Session "Cellular mechanisms of cognitive resources" (Chairs: Michael Kreutz, Oliver Stork)

      • Amar Sahay, Harvard, MA
      • Elly Nedivi, MIT, MA
      • Ileana Hanganu-Opatz, Hamburg
      • Christian Lohmann,  Amsterdam, NL
      • Janelle Pakan, Magdeburg
    • Program Committee

      Program Committee

      • Daniela Dieterich (OVGU)
      • Emrah Düzel (DZNE)
      • Markus Fendt (OVGU)
      • Bertram Gerber (LIN/OVGU)
      • Michael R. Kreutz (LIN)
      • Volkmar Leßmann (OVGU)
      • Tömme Nösselt (OVGU)
      • Frank Ohl (LIN/OVGU)
      • Stefan Pollmann (OVGU)
      • Magdalena Sauvage (LIN/OVGU)
      • Constanze Seidenbecher (LIN)
      • Oliver Stork (OVGU)
      • Markus Ullsperger (OVGU)
    • Venue & Travel

      Venue & Travel

      The Magdeburg International Neurobiological Symposium will be held at the Herrenkrug Parkhotel, a resort beautifully set in a picturesque parkland on the Elbe river.

      The city of Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anhalt and it is located in the center of Germany. The former imperial city and today’s capital of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt fascinates its visitors and guests with its almost 1200 years of history. In its varied past Magdeburg experienced alternating times of heavy destruction and prosperity. Well preserved architectural monuments from all stylistic periods remind us of the city’s former splendour and wealth. For further information on the city of Magdeburg and its vicinity, please visit the Magdeburg homepage.

      Arrival by airplane

      Magdeburg is located about 150 km from the airports of Hannover, Leipzig/Halle, and Berlin (Tegel and Schönefeld) All airports are served by public transportation. Generally the price for a one-way ticket from one of these airports to Magdeburg is 25 - 35 Euro. The major international hub in Frankfurt/Main is about 450 km from Magdeburg.

      Arrival by train

      Magdeburg is well connected to the German railway network. To find your personal connection please visit the home page of the German railway.

      Arrival by car

      Magdeburg is well connected to the German motorway network. Coming from Berlin or Hannover via freeway A2 use exit "Magdeburg-Zentrum" and follow the city highway (Magdeburger Ring) for about 5 km until the exit "Walther-Rathenau-Strasse / Albert-Vater-Strasse". Follow the signs for Herrenkrug. Coming from Halle/Leipzig via A14 use exit "Magdeburg-Zentrum" in order to enter the city highway and again use the exit "Walther-Rathenau-Strasse / Albert-Vater-Strasse".


      Public transport to the meeting venue

      The meeting venue can be reached from the central railway station of Magdeburg within 15 minutes either by cab or by tram No. 6 (direction Herrenkrug). Closest stopst to the railway station are "Verkehrsbetriebe/Hbf" or "CityCarré/Hbf" (2,20 Euro).

    • Lodging


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      First class (4 Star):

      Dorint Herrenkrug Parkhotel Magdeburg
      39114 Magdeburg
      Herrenkrug 3
      Phone: +49 391 8508-0
      E-mail: info.magdeburg(at)dorint.com
      Homepage: https://www.hotel-magdeburg.dorint.com/de

      MARITIM Hotel Magdeburg
      39104 Magdeburg
      Otto-von-Guericke-Strasse 87
      Phone: +49 391 59490
      Homepage: http://www.maritim.de/Magdeburg-Hotel

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      Best Western Hotel Geheimer Rat
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      Guesthouse Otto von Guericke University
      Universitätsplatz 2
      39106 Magdeburg
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      E-mail: Birgit.Beck(at)Verwaltung.Uni-Magdeburg.de

    • Matthies Honorary Lecture

      Matthies Honorary Lecture

      Hansjürgen Matthies was the doyen of Neuroscience in Magdeburg and founding director of the ancestor institute of the LIN, the Institute for Neurobiology and Brain Research of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR. He was also the initiator of the International Magdeburg Meetings on Learning & Memory, which took place for the first time in 1967. Prof. Matthies was a great scientist to whom we owe gratitude especially for his anticipatory and conceptual work on cellular memory storage mechanisms.

      The 3rd Hansjürgen Matthies Honorary Lecture will be given by Tim Bliss, visiting professor at University College London, and at the Frontier Institutes of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China, and Fellow of the Royal Society, London.

      Tim Bliss is a renowned expert in brain plasticity processes and hippocampus physiology. In 1973, he and Terje Lømo published the first evidence of a Hebb-like synaptic plasticity event induced by brief tetanic stimulation, known as long-term potentiation (LTP).

      Tim attended his first Magdeburg Meeting in 1985.

      His lecture will be entitled "LTP: looking back and looking forward".

    • Public Opening Lecture

      Public Opening Lecture

      Onur Güntürkün, Professor at the Ruhr University in Bochum, is a biopsychologist who investigates the foundations of human experience and behaviour with the help of the dove as a model organism.


    • Former Meetings

      Former Meetings

      You can find some impressions from the former meetings here.



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