Department Neurochemistry & Molecular Biology

How do nerve cells in the brain communicate? How are they connected and what happens if they are wrongly wired? How is decided which information is stored and which is forgotten? How do nerve cells keep fit and what happens when they age? Our research is dedicated to such and similar questions.

The communication between nerve cells takes place at microscopically small connections, the synapses. During the interconnection of the brain, synapses have to develop, then they have to be kept functional and, for example, have to be rebuilt in the course of learning and memory processes. These processes involve many molecules in the neurons, on their surface and in the extracellular matrix surrounding them. The various closely cooperating research groups in the department are investigating the function of synapses, their molecular composition and plasticity under normal physiological conditions and in cases of disease-related malfunction.

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    Eckart D. Gundelfinger (PhD) is the head of the department and since 2010 acts as managing scientific director of the LIN. He is also appointed as Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at the Otto von Guericke University, Medical Faculty in Magdeburg and one of the spokespersons of the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences (CBBS) Magdeburg. He studied Biology at the University of Stuttgart, performed research for his doctoral thesis at the May Planck Institute for Biology in Tübingen and spent two years as postdoctoral EMBO fellow at the EMBL in Heidelberg. In 1984, he started his research on molecular mechanisms of brain synapses, first as a staff scientist at the Center for Molecular Biology of the University of Heidelberg (ZMBH, with Heinrich Betz) and from 1988 in his own group at the Center for Molecular Neurobiology in Hamburg (ZMNH). Since 1992 he heads the Dept. of Neurochemistry and Molecular Biology at the LIN. Current research is focused on molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity underlying learning and memory and on disease mechanisms of synapthopathies.

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    Gundelfinger, Prof. Dr. Eckart D. +49-391-6263-92421,
    Bartsch, Maren +49-391-6263-93311,
    Head of Working Groups  
    Dr. Rodrigo
    Prof. Dr. Constanze
    Dr. Ulrich
    Dr. Anil
    Dr. Carolina
    Dr. Rainer
    PhD students  
    Lennart Junge (cand. med.)
    Jessica Mitlö
    Nikhil Tiwari
    Technical staff members  
    Kathrin Gruß
    Kathrin Pohlmann+49-391-6263-93251,
    Associated members  
    Dr. Renato Frischknecht
    Klaus Reymann, Emeritus (seit 02/2017)  


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    Brain features including learning and memory are based on the performance of chemical synapses, i.e., their dynamics and their various forms of plasticity. Research in the department is concerned with molecular and cellular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in health and disease. Key research topics are…

  • Current Third Party Funds

    Current Third Party Funds

    DFG SFB 779 "Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior"

    DFG SFB 854 "Molecular organisation of cellular communication within the immune system"

    European Commission "Innovative Training Network ECMED"

    DFG GRK 2413 SynAGE

    "The aging synapse - molecular, cellular and behavioural mechanisms of cognitive decline in performance"

    BMBF-FONDECYT/Chile "PrePlastic"

    European Commission / ESF "Graduate School ABINEP"

    China Scholarship Council (CSC), PhD fellowship

    Leibniz-SAS, CBBS-ScienceCampus

  • Publications



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  • Teaching & Internships

    Teaching & Internships

    We are involved in the education of students of the master's program "Integrative Neuroscience" at OVGU. Members of our department teach in the following subjects:

    • Cellular Neurophysiology
    • Basic Molecular and Cell Biology
    • Molecular and Cellular Biology
    • Genetic Models
    • Neural Signaling

    Furthermore, teaching for prospective physicians in biochemistry (Constanze Seidenbecher) as well as in various graduate programs is given.

    We also offer the following internship opportunities:

    • Lab rotations in the subjects listed above
    • Summer internships in Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology
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    Our activities

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